Shaadi Mubarak with P-TAL

Time to say Bye to Wedding stress; Say Hello to your Wedding Glow!


Weddings are a time of celebration, happiness, laughter! There is so much to do always. The entire atmosphere is dominated by an exciting burst of energy. Though all this sounds great & feels marvellous; it is not wrong to say that this does add pressure on the ones whose special day it is- The Bride & The Groom! While they are about to enter a significant new chapter of their lives, last minute preparations, unimaginable situations, unknown crises surround them. It becomes severely important to stay calm & healthy and look fabulous on your special day. The question is, given the hectic situation, how does one succeed in doing so?


For the naturally glowing skin try these Ayurvedic formulae at least 3 months in Advance and observe the change.



Replace Your normal cutlery with Kansa Dinner Set.


Intake of Water kept in these vessels help in tightening of skin with better blood circulation. Its Scientifically proven to be healthy for skin.



Cooking in these utensils would work as immunity booster.


It is crucial to know that being at peace with bright glowing face is not achieved within a day or two just by chemical procedures of a salon or so. Daily routines of the bride & groom need a bit of addition during their wedding times. Replacing regular cutlery with Kansa plates/ thalis; drinking water from copper dispenser, eating food in kadhais made of these metals can simply add to the natural glow of these souls. The metals inherently have qualities that help in absorption of any impurities. In fact, intake of food kept in these vessels help in tightening of skin with better blood circulation. Apart from this, the regular usage of these metals help in removal of puffiness & fine lines & leads to better skin texture by making sure there are no breakouts on the skin. According to experts, water stored in copper dispenser has the power of diluting any toxins contained within the body. It definitely makes sense that our forefathers were complete fans of these metals.


Pamper yourself with everything healthy !!


Festivity & weddings are supposed to make one feel extraordinary. It is time to gift such an experience to yourself during this remarkable moment of life. Make sure that your notable time is marked not by stress but by glowing & confident self of yours. Because some moments are too precious to be lost, enjoy & gleam through them all with copper & brass metal cutlery.  


Wedding: An emotion beyond words


Indian weddings define a bond of a lifetime. It is the time when the beautiful charming girl steps out from her father’s protective shell & enters her soulmate’s wonderful world. A world marked by new dreams & sheer bliss. Each ritual, each event, each step during wedding carries some beautiful meaning. These meanings become even more significant with the presence of copper & brass articles during the functions. In fact in several communities, like Assamese weddings, Kansa utensils are given to the bride as a remembrance of her natal home




In several communities, like Assamese weddings, Kansa utensils are given to the bride as a remembrance of her natal home.


While they not only look lovely; they inherently have the quality of love. Been handed down to us from generation earlier, the metals appear to be a blessing from our forefathers. Contrary to the technical production, the handcrafted cutlers, cookware, homeware; all speak of warmth & endearment with which they are made by our Thatheras. It is thus not bewildering that food becomes tastier or water seems more fresh when consumed from a brass thaali or copper glass.


Welcoming all guests at a feast involving all brass thaali sets is the hallmark of royal legacy & makes for a memorable experience. While copper plant dispensers look beautiful as a wedding decoration, the Paraat seems perfect for a new bride to smear her feet in kumkum & carry this auspicious colour into her new household. Thus, the beauty of these metals is abound & can be witnessed at each stage of a wedding function. This is beyond words & defines unbound love always.